MA Cloete Occupational Health Services

“A healthy employee is a productive employee”

About Us

We issue a Certificate of Fitness and Annexure 3 as per Occupational Health and Safety act 85 of 1993.

Our Fundamental Function is to conduct medical surveillance and physical examination (including biological monitoring), based on risk assessment and hygiene measurements of hazard exposure and personal risk factors pertaining to the workplace.

Our elementary aim is to render fast quality service at an affordable price. Consequently, we provide package deals for customers.

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Meet the Team

* Registered with SANC (South African Nursing Council)

* Member of SASOHN (South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners)

* Member of SPNP (Society of Private Nurse Practitioners)

* Member of SASOHN (South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners)
* Member of Saiosh (South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)

Services & Tests

• Pre-employment, Periodic (yearly) and Exit Medicals - Including Annexure 3 for construction sites (Certificate of Fitness)

• PrDP (Professional Driving Permit) Medicals 

* Spirometry (Lung Test)

* Audiometry (Hearing Test)

* Multi Drug Test

• ECG Cardiac Monitoring

• Cholesterol Test

• Glucose Test

• Alcohol Breathalyzer Test

• Laboratory blood and urine tests

• Vision Screening (Essilor Visio Smart)

• Compiling of Safety Files

Site Specific and Specific to type of Industry

• First-Aid Kits and refill

Regulation 3 and Regulation 7

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